Carol McEvoy Testimonial

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testimonial-5Dear Mr. Shields:

How can I say “Thank you”? Without your help we would never have had Roy and Pauline Cotner’s house ready for painting on Saturday, April 21, 1990 – “Paint your Hearts Out, Tampa!” day. You really saved us.

Our team was fortunate to have painted a house in 1989 and we were assigned a house for 1990. Unfortunately for us, we were asked to give up our house so that a new team could paint this year. As you know, we approached the PYHOT committee and asked to paint a house, even if we have to provide the materials and prepare the house ourselves. The committee approved our request and we went to work.

Deanna Jones, one of our team members, suggested a prospect and we were able to qualify Mr. and Mrs. Cotner for the project. We then set to work to obtain supplies, materials and to work on our PHYOT house.

Our team put over eighty hours into repair work on Mr. and Mrs. Cotner’s house before we began painting. We put over thirty-six gallons of paint on the house and actually painted it four times. Out of the twenty-six individuals on our team, we had only five who were not able to work on the house either before paint day or on paint day and that is a great percentage given what we accomplished.

When we first looked at the house, we were devastated by the appearance of the roof, but you came to our rescue. I did not even feel that our team would be able to complete all the preparation work that was needed in addition to replacing part of a roof. The built-up roof is great and greatly appreciated. The Cotner’s now have a bright and cheerful house with a paint job that should last for many years and they are thrilled with their coral and white house. Again, thank you for your thoughtful donation.

Very truly yours,

Carol McEvoy

Team Captain

Inspectional Services Team #301