William A. Gillen Testimonial

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testimonial-3Att.: Mr. Bill Sheilds, Jr.


This will confirm my conversation with Mr. Bill Shields, Jr., yesterday, during which I advised him that I desired to accept Proposal A for re-roofing of my residence at 3109 Sunset Drive, Tampa, FL 33629.

It was agreed that the price of the job would be $5,790 instead of $5,670 as set forth in the original proposal of October 22, 1986. It also was agreed that work would start within five weeks. I have modified the original proposal of October 22, 1986 to show the increased bid price, and I have written in a sentence which states that the work will being on or before June 25, 1987. I have signed the contract and initialled the changes, and the original contract as revised is enclosed herein.

Mr. Shields stated that he would furnish me samples of information concerning the colors of the Timberline Shingles to be used. Within ten days from the date of receipt of the information, I will designate my choice of color.

You have an excellent reputation for doing good roofing work, and I am very pleased that you have undertaken to re-roof my home. I assure you that you will have my full cooperation in any preparations for the work and while the job is being completed.


William A. Gillen